Thursday, 22 November 2018

Week beginning 19th November 2018

The Year Ones are continuing their work on Little Red Riding Hood by writing an apology letter from the Wolf to say sorry to Granny or LRRH. The children also tried to order the main events and retell the story. We are going to finish by writing our own version of this well loved traditional tale.

This week in maths we have been exploring the concept of place value. The children are learning about the value of each digit in a two digit number e.g what the 1 and 3 represent in the number 13. We have been using arrow cards to help understand that the tens are working "behind the scenes"!

In PE we have begun doing... gymnastics! We watched some clips of professional British gymnasts and were amazed by their floorwork and their moves on the apparatus.

Why not watch this clip on Newsround.

Image result for dont forgetImage result for snail & the whale play

We are off to the theatre on Friday 30th. Don't forget that there's no hot dinners that day.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Week beginning 12th November

Image result for rememberImage result for children in need 2018

It's Children in Need day tomorrow: to raise money we will hold a non-uniform day (spots, fancy dress, whatever they fancy) and will charge £1.00 per child. This is optional.

This week in our topic work, the children used clay to make their own coins so they could have some treasure like the pirates! They explored different ways the clay can change shape e.g. bending, twisting, pinching, squashing. They learnt to handle tools safely and effectively to snip, cut, make marks etc.

In our English lessons, we have been using a new text. We are learning about the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood. We watched a version online: Oxbridge Baby Little Red Riding Hood and compared it with the books we have of this tale too.

We have...

  • listened to different versions
  • shared our ideas and predictions
  • acted out the story
  • made puppets to retell the main events
  • drawn WANTED posters for the wolf
  • learnt to write an exclamation sentence such as What big ears you have!

Watch out Little Red Riding Hood... There are wolves about!

In Maths we have been describing the properties of 3D shapes and spotting the faces that are 2D shapes e.g. spotting the circle face on a cone or the 6 squares on a cube.

We have been using feely bags and socks to describe the shape we can feel without being able to see it e.g. I have no curves. I have 5 faces. 2 of my faces are triangles. My other faces are rectangles. What am I?
Image result for triangular prism
It was a triangular prism!

Image result for toblerone triangular
Like this!

On Friday we are having an RE day. We are learning about belonging. e.g. what it means to belong, groups we belong to such as Garrick Green School or Rainbows or Cubs. 

Our new author for this half-term is..Oliver Jeffers
Do you know any of his books? Why not watch: How to Catch a Star

Have a lovely weekend (when you get to it!),
Mrs B & Mrs Prophet

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Week beginning 5th November

Remember, remember the fifth of November, 
Gunpowder treason and plot. 
We see no reason 
Why gunpowder treason 
Should ever be forgot! 

Guy Fawkes, guy, t'was his intent 
To blow up king and parliament. 
Three score barrels were laid below 
To prove old England's overthrow. 

By god's mercy he was catch'd 
With a darkened lantern and burning match. 
So, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring. 
Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

And what shall we do with him? 
Burn him! 

The children have been really enjoying reading and writing firework poems. We are trying hard to use new and ambitious words to describe what we see and hear. 


We are going to use our new vocabulary to help us write our own poems later this week.

In Maths we have been do geometry! We have started looking at 3D shapes and been describing and sorting them.

It's definitely a cube!

It's made of 8 little cubes

King of cubes & cuboids!

"It's Norwich Cathedral!"

Constructing 3D shapes from 2D shapes

Investigating cubes and cuboids

Identifying and sorting 3D shapes

Ideas for your home learning...

  • do some firework pictures or paintings, describe the colours and shapes you make
  • write some onomatopoeic words that describe how fireworks sound e.g. pop, whizz, fizz, crackle 
  • find out about the wonderful festival of Diwali
  • make some models of 3D shapes using construction toys
  • use junk modelling to make a model from 3D shapes

International Week: Poland

Dzień dobry!

During International Week we learned about the fascinating country Poland. The children enjoyed a range of activities to help them explore history, geography, art and food technology with a Polish theme. They are beginning to be able to talk about and compare their own lives and with those of others. 

We are very grateful to Marta, Julian's Mum, who came to teach us some Polish words and phrases. The children are still keen to answer the register in their best Polish. Dziękuję Ci Marta! 😁

We have been looking at maps, globes, atlases and using Google Earth to look at where different countries are.

Working together to do a jigsaw puzzle of a world map

Pretending to eat "the different foods from the other countries"  

Tackling a HUGE jigsaw of a map of the world

Working together to play Around the World

Exploring the countries in Europe

"Not too tricky for me!"

Finally completed except for the dreaded one piece missing! Feeling proud. 

This geographer knew this was Russia "because it's the biggest piece of land." Wowsers!

We learnt about the different colours in a satellite photo of the earth.
The children used different resources to make a map of Poland. 

Great teamwork Year Ones!

We saw that there's a river in Warsaw and made some boats. 

We made models of famous buildings in Warsaw. 

This engineer has made a model of Siekierkowski bridge in Warsaw!

Well done Year Ones, we had a brilliant week which was full of new learning!